The Personal Web Site of Bob Butterworth
Productivity Tomorrow A blog focused on productivity, procrastination and Apple tech where I blog way less then I plan to, because I procrastinate and push it off until tomorrow... Get it?
Chubby Tactical is a lifestyle brand my buddy Michael and me started because we thought it was fun. Right now we just have a couple t-shirts for sale but there is more to come!

Bunco Calc, a FREE app for both iPhone and Android that helps people score the dice game Bunco! It was my first app I ever made for iOS. The following year I created it's Android counterpart.
Crazy Quail, a company I co-founded that makes crazy clay target throwing machines! Use our iPhone controlled robotic machine to throw targets in any angle. Save games of multiple throws so your friends can shoot the same sequence! was originally the wedding website of my Wife and I. It grew to become our blog food, home projects, etc, but we haven't posted much at all. Hopefully more to come in the future!